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  • Our Mission

    To organize, develop and promote, on a practical, scientific and cultural level, the profession of the Conservator-Restorer. To set standards and regulate practice at European level and enhance communication between and mobility of professionals. To strengthen the role and responsibilities of the Conservator-Restorer in relation to others in safeguarding cultural heritage.

  • Our Vision

    Cultural heritage safeguarded for society through high standards in the professional practice of Conservation-Restoration.

European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations

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It’s pathetic how people act over twitter and fakebook. Particularly in twitter because, they constantly talk about and check how many followers they have. It’s almost like that’s all they care about.

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ravenmuscle says: July 13, 2018 at 5:50 am Brady and Roethlisberger followers are all fake because they are the two biggest phonies in the whole NFL.

————————- Whether phony or not they certainly appear to have rented your head today.

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Your Murder/Death/Kill ways will catch up with you, Ray… in HELL!

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He’s killing it.

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My followers are not fake, they may be sheep, but they’re real sheep.

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I lost 198 myself and you know what, the sun still came up this morning. Some people take Twitter too seriously. I used to care a lot and I repented. It’s just something that losers do. Ray’s an odd duck.

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I hope this doesn’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like Ray when he’s angry. Twitter rules! (What a bunch of bologna this fake twitter follower crap is)

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The man’s never said anything interesting in his life. I’m shocked it’s still that high.

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And I bet only half of those folks can understand what he’s talking about.

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frodoftw7 says: July 13, 2018 at 5:42 am What if the NFL lost all of it’s fake followers? – – – –

It’s already underway — been happening since 2016 when fake fans started “boycotting” because of the Anthem protests.

I say…..good riddance!

Real fans don’t have a problem with players expressing themselves.

The fake ones? They boycott.

New York
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A new bill proposes reserving 80 percent of the parking spots in Upper Manhattan for local residents

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Share New Yorkers could get reserved parking spots under new bill
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New Yorkers have long complained about suburban commuters taking their parking spots, and now they have a group of elected officials on their side. Later today, a group of City Council members intend to introduce two separate bills that would create a residential parking program, giving preference to local residents over outside commuters.

A bill set to be introduced by Council member Ydanis Rodriguez, who represents Washington Heights and Inwood, would enforce a residential parking program citywide, whereas the bill being introduced by Council members Helen Rosenthal, Mark Levine, and Keith Powers would limit it to all of Manhattan above 60th Street, Collections Sale Online Shop Sale Online ruffled vneck dress White Rebecca Vallance View Cheap Online Discount Big Discount Free Shipping Cheapest TsijSFtaTC

NYC is one of the only major cities across the United States where such a residential parking program doesn’t exist. Many upstate cities like Albany and Buffalo have some form of residential parking, but similar proposals in NYC have never passed muster with the state legislature. A 2011 proposal to enforce residential parking in Brooklyn at the time when the Barclays Center opened failed at the state level, and some transit officials worry the same might happen this time around as well.

The bill being introduced by Levine, Rosenthal and Powers would ask the city’s Department of Transportation to designate specific areas within neighborhoods where these parking rules would apply, and also determine the days and times when they would be in effect. The goal is to ensure that up to 80 percent of the parking spots on residential streets are reserved for local residents. These requirements won’t be put in place on streets that are zoned commercial or retail.

Other requirements the bill asks of the DOT include holding public hearings with the local community board before implementing such programs; ensure that such permits are only issued to those holding a New York State driver’s license; ensure that permits are attached to specific license plates; and that only one permit is issued per licensed driver.

“For too long suburban commuters have taken advantage of free street parking in Northern Manhattan and crowded out the people who actually live in our neighborhoods,” said Council member Levine in a statement. “Whether you live in Washington Heights or the Upper East Side, parking in our borough is an incredible challenge for so many who live here. We can’t afford to continue as one of the only big cities in America that doesn’t have a residential parking permit system—this policy is long overdue.”

Next Up In NYC Transportation

Curbed NY Newsletter

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You won’t find a sunset like this anywhere else.

And indeed, the economic situation in South Africa could very well lead to higher rates for individuals. Using an Sale Marketable Iris amp; Ink Woman Tiered Ruffled Cottonpoplin Top White Size 12 IRIS amp; INK Discount Wide Range Of High Quality For Sale Free Shipping Many Kinds Of Best Sale Cheap Online sLOrj
, at the current prime interest rate of 10.5%, a 3 million rand ($218,700) three-bedroom home in one of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs will have a monthly repayment of 30,000 rand ($2,187) and require a gross income of 99,837 rand ($7,278) for a 20-year mortgage.

“I don’t think there should be panic about the downgrade, but what it symbolizes.” If that interest rate increases to 11.5%, the monthly repayment increases by 2,000 rand ($145.80). These may not seem like large amounts, but to a small, stretched, and already indebted middle class they are the difference between manageable and unaffordable, especially if taxes are raised. With less money to spend, this has a knock-on effect on the informal and wage economies.

For now, the banks are more likely to feel the pinch than their customers. Bank stocks River Mid Slim Jeans Acne Studios Fast Delivery Cheap Online Free Shipping 2018 4POWVRZ8
that Gordhan was booted from his post, and have continued to slide after the resulting downgrade. The index of South African banks has lost 8% since March 31, SWIMWEAR Swimming trunks Saturdays New York City Clearance Store Cheap Price Free Shipping Get Authentic Cheap Sale Fashionable Buy Cheap Buy DKSdIjnxR

“Suddenly, their capital has become more expensive, which leads to lower profits and lower trading on the stock market,” explains KPMG economist Christie Viljoen. Ordinary South Africans will experience the effects of the downgrade in the quarters to come, as the price of fuel and imported goods begin to increase. The South African Reserve Bank will not immediately raise interest rates, but if inflation continues to rise, interest rates will have to follow suit, says Viljoen.

Has this happened before?

South Africa has spent time in “junk” territory before. When the rand was in crisis mode in 1998 and 2001, interest rates were set at levels that would shock South Africans today. In October 1998, the prime lending rate was 24.5%, Nude Lace Strap Panelled Detail Bodysuit Pretty Little Thing Orange 100% Original 5bYZmO3
the current rate.

In 1998 and 2001, the factors influencing the depreciation were far less politically fraught. Despite the gains made since 1994, the rand depreciated significantly from May to September in 1998 and from October to December in 2001.

The crisis caused less public outcry and may have been due to a case of “exchange rate overshooting,” and to a lesser extent social factors like the AIDS-pandemic and the slow privatization of state-owned companies, Womens Lamour Balcony Rosy Paris Best Sale Cheap Online 1wa0V5Z
(pdf) Ashok Bhundia and Lucca Ricci. Overshooting is a model economists use to explain the volatility of exchange rates in reaction to changes in fiscal or monetary policy. In the case of South Africa in 2001, that led to an acceleration in money growth. Today, it could be used to explain the currency’s sensitivity to political infighting .

The majority of studies that qualified for inclusion in this review employed models investigating immune stimulation; fewer explored anti-inflammatory effects. Animal studies reported immune system effects in the gut, spleen, bone marrow, liver, blood, thymus, lungs, and saliva; controlled human studies reported evidence of immune stimulation in the blood, anti-inflammatory effects in nasal lavage fluid and improved survival in cancer patients. The literature is highly heterogenous and is not sufficient to support broad structure/function generalizations. For the limited number of studies that investigated well-characterized, isolated products (primarily glucan products), effects can be unequivocally attributed to polysaccharides. Such associations are certainly more tenuous when considering product powders or products obtained by extraction methods designed to isolate polysaccharides, but without complete compositional analyses.

Table 7

Fate of Immunomodulatory Polysaccharide Products Following Oral Intake

One can only speculate upon the mechanisms by which the polysaccharides discussed in this review influence immunologic function, particularly when one considers the exceedingly complex environment of the GI tract. It is possible that fragments of polysaccharides partially hydrolyzed by gut bacteria may either bind to gut epithelia and exert localized and/or systemic immune system effects, or be absorbed into the bloodstream, with the potential to exert systemic effects. Current studies investigating the link between the bioconversion of dietary polysaccharides, their bioavailability and their downstream effects on the host metabolism and physiology are utilizing metabolomic and metagenomic approaches that can detect and track diverse microbial metabolites from immunomodulatory polysaccharides [ 103 ]. These and other innovative approaches in the field of colonic fermentation are providing novel insights into gut microbial-human mutualism [ All Size Outlet Best Place TOPWEAR Vests Rick Owens tp6kcVOl93
, 111 ], its impact on regulating human health and disease, and the importance of dietary modulation [ Big Sale Cheap Online Get To Buy For Sale Shirt for Women On Sale White linen 2017 10 12 14 8 Emporio Armani Online Shopping Shopping Online Outlet Sale fiiTgAN9lZ
, Buy Cheap Purchase Cheap Price Buy Discount Womens Cheeky Bodysuit Passionata Cheap Sale Footaction Sale Discount Browse sBIKU
, Sale Lowest Price long sleeve blouse with pussy bow White Dolce amp; Gabbana With Mastercard Cheap Price Cheap Sale Fashionable Buy Cheap Looking For Buy Cheap Hot Sale 6ZYCRZ8iKy
115 ].

Additional RCTs of well-characterized products are needed to more completely understand the immunomodulatory effects and specific applications of oral polysaccharides. Such studies will need to better investigate the optimal timing and duration for polysaccharide ingestion. That is, should they be consumed continuously, before, at the time of, or after exposure to a pathogen or environmental insult? Only a few studies have actually investigated the impact of timing of polysaccharide intake to achieve optimal benefits. Daily feeding with some polysaccharides appears to result in tolerance (and diminished benefits); this has been demonstrated for some mushroom β-glucans [ Runway Edition virgin wool trousers with taped side seam BOSS Cheap Sale Sale Pictures Sale Online Buy Cheap Lowest Price Discount Outlet Store Gsiye
, 26 ]. For those polysaccharides whose immunologic effects are dependent on their prebiotic activities, regular feeding would be presumed necessary.

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